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technical diving

Tech Diving Sites in Sinai

Sharm el Sheikh

Jackson Reef - Straits of Tiran

On the inside (south) side of the reef are moorings. Underneath the moorings the reef wall drops to 50m, getting gradually deeper the further south you go. There is really only a sandy slope there with some debris from the numerous boats that moor there. At approximately 101m which is a fair swim from the reef there is an enormous anchor worth viewing.

On the outside of Jackson lies half the wreck of the Lara on the reef. The rest of it sits between 45-65m and is breathtaking. Plenty of soft & hard corals cover the wreck and large turtles always seem to be in the area. If you head in a northerly direction the bottom slopes gradually down to approximately 80m when there is a steep drop off.

Jackson to Woodhouse Reefs (North side)

Between Jackson and Woodhouse lies a wonderful satellite reef which is yet to be fully explored. It starts just before the end of Jackson at around 40m and continues towards Woodhouse. Stunning corals and then beautiful topography including a small canyon area make this a great dive but the currents can be a bit wild.

Thomas Canyon

Most popular tech site in Sharm. The canyon lies on the inside of Thomas Reef & is easy to see as it starts at about 35m on the sandy plateau. At this starting point the depth in the canyon is around 45m and then the bottom continues to get deeper on a gradual slope to a sandy patch at 93m. There are overhead archways, passages and small cave areas. Caution required if going into a cave environment, divers have got stuck.

Gordon Reef

Outside of Gordon is great, it drops to about 60m but you can easily pick up depth as you swim away from the reef as there is a sloping bottom. There is a filing cabinet and remains of a lifeboat down there but rumour has it there is another wreck in the deep somewhere.

Ras um Sid

On the corner between Temple & Fiasco is an interesting site at up to 70m but beyond that is a gradual slope taking you deeper. Quite a swim out to get anything over 80m and can be difficult with the currents.

Ras Katy

As long as you are not near the corner with Temple it is fairly easy to get depth here. The shallows is very popular with recreational divers as it is a bit of a nursery slope. Excellent for training or check dive. This gentle slope continues and there still seems to be a lot of life at 60m+

Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Za'atar

On the corner is a drop to 70m but you can quickly swim out to over 100m. Easy tech site and beautiful for deco.

Eel Garden Canyon

Reasonably hard to find without a guide, but if you drop directly in front of the small beach area, approximately 50m out you should find it. Max depth 55m. Easy canyon with very little overhead environment.

Shark Observatory

You can get all the depth you want here, the wall goes to 270m. Where Observatory meets the start of Eel garden is a vertical canyon which starts at around 120m. On the way up there is very interesting topography and very nice place for deco.

Anemone City

Stunning in the shallows but if you jump 30m out from the reef in the direction of shark reef you have a wall which leads to whatever depth you like.

Shark Reef

Perfect for tech divers. 750m wall! Nearly always currents taking you towards Jolanda Reef. Once into deco, nice to swim round the whole of the reef.

Jolanda Reef

This is very hard to plan due to the currents & anything planned over 120m is likely to be in the blue because you can't use shot lines in this area due to boat traffic. The reef has a shelf from 10 to 25m then has a steep slope to 55m. At this point there is a gradual slope to about 110m with a few empty containers littered about. From this point the slope gets steeper again.

SS Thistlegorm

This is not a deep dive, max depth 31m, but is worth doing as a tech dive. Thistlegorm is a WWII wreck that sank 5-6 October 1941 after it was bombed by 2 Heinkel bombers. It was an English merchant ship built in 1940 and was 131m long, 17.5m wide. It was discovered in very good condition despite the bombing by Jacques Cousteau in 1956.

A dive guide is definitely recommended to show you the swim throughs and some of the interesting cargo: machine gun and anti-aircraft gun, 2 MKII Bren Carriers, locomotive, Lee Enfield MKIII rifles, plane wings, Morris automobile, Bedford trucks, BSA motorcycles, Railway freight car, lots of rubber boots.

More information on SS Thistlegorm...


The Blue Hole

A large cylindrical dive site that finds a sandy sloping bottom at around 100m but from 55m to 110m there is a an archway that leads out to sea. You can pick up more depth if you follow the bottom seaward but just be aware of the currents.

The Canyon

A canyon that starts at around 18m and ends at 50m with a small exit point (a squash in quads but manageable) from here there is a sloping bank of sand and coral leading to Neptune's chair at around 75m and then continues deeper.