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technical diving in sinai

Jolanda 160 Support Team

Neil Black - Deep Support

Neil accompanied Nina to 160m. He has now undertaken 3 dives to the Jolanda.

Neil is an TDIItechnical instructor who lives & works in Sharm el Sheikh.

More information on Neil

40m Tech Support

Adam Florio

Adam has worked on numerous projects including the Zenobia and many UK deep virgin wrecks.

Adam is an ANDI technical instructor based in London. To contact Adam email adam@tecdiving.co.uk. For more information about a full range of UK based Technical courses visit tecdiving.co.uk


Jim Dowling

Jim works with Nina & Neil at Ocean College and was great to have on the project.

Jim is a TDI technical instructor based in Sharm.


Harry Hayward

Well known especially in the Dahab area, Harry helped Nina on the 155m dive.

Harry is an Instructor Trainer for TDI.


12m Support Team

Gennediy Fursov

Genne was another great asset, supporting Nina in the 155m dive from 12m to surface.

Genne is a technical instructor with a specialty in caves, working from Sharm. He has completed many projects of his own in the area.


Natasha Flavell

Natasha is a PADI diving instructor as well as ANDI technical diver. She's more used to the Zenobia but was a great asset on the project.

Natasha works from London.


Robert Bolin

Rob works for Camel in Sharm. He is technical instructor.


Recreational Support

Dave Bryant

What didn't he do?! From refreshments manager to transport manager. Big thanks.

Dave is an instructor working between Plymouth & Sharm.


Marc Smith

An Ocean College colleague who's lived in Sharm for 6 years. Very experienced in the area.

Marc is an instructor in Sharm.


Steve Parry

Another Ocean College friend who was invaluable on the day.

Steve is an instructor in Sharm.



Chad 'the Gas Man' Clark

The Gas Man not only sponsored the boat and gas but also handled logistics and co-ordinated safety support.

The project wouldn't have happened without him. Big thanks.


John Kean

Author of ‘SS Thistlegorm’ and the soon to be published 'Lost Wife, Saw Barracuda', John has assisted on numerous technical projects in the area.

John is a TDI technical instructor working in Sharm el Sheikh. John was great as the logistics co-ordinator.


Paul ‘Jimmy’ Jewell

Jimmy is the Manager of Ocean College at the Hilton Waterfalls Hotel, Sharm el Sheikh. He also assisted on the original Jolanda project.

Jimmy is a TDI technical instructor. He is there for medical support.


Search & Rescue/Fast Rescue Craft

Search & Rescue and a Fast Rescue Craft will be assistingby providing a doctor and Fast Response rib on the surface.



|With thanks for their advice and support:

Leigh Cunningham

Leigh, together with Mark Andrews, found the final resting place of the bow section of the Jolanda in 2005, lying between 145 and 160 metres.  Leigh and Mark later found the stern section between 205 and 220m and claimed the Deepest Wreck Dive on Open Circuit Scuba during the project.

Leigh is a TDI Instructor Trainer working in Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab.


Paul ‘Doozer’ Close

Doozer was the logistics man on the original Jolanda project and has assisted on many technical projects around the world.

Doozer is a TDI technical instructor working in Sharm el Sheikh.





Neil Black





Adam Florio




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Chad The Gas Man Clark




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Jimmy Jewell



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Leigh Cunningham





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