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technical diving

Why Tech Dives?

If you are new to diving the Egyptian Red Sea around Sinai, or have dived the sites to recreational depths, there's a whole new world down below 30 metres in Sharm el Sheikh, Tiran, Gubal, Sha'ab Ali and Dahab.

The recreational limit of 40 metres prevents many divers seeing the awe inspiring sites below this depth; the wrecks, the canyons and the breath-taking walls.

Come, explore, see Sinai in depth and in a different light.

Technical SinaiCoral ReefRosalie Moller

Interested in tech diving? check out our TDI courses!

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jackfish cave, jack fish cave

JACKFISH CAVE PROJECTwhere two deep caves in Ras Mohamed were expolored and mapped.CLICK HERE for story,

MAPS click here

PHOTOS click here

VIDEO click here



Footage of the Zenobia Project

zenobia project

Footage of the Zenobia project where Neil and Adam Florio, cleared a pasageway and removed a door.Full story out NOW in DIVE magazine October 08 full story Click HERE for article

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Here for prop room vid

Thomas Canyon,Sharm

Short Video of Thomas canyon (click here)


Footage of the Jolanda 160m & Women's Deepest Wreck Dive record.

Nina PreisnerFootage of the Jolanda at 160m is on our jolanda videos page (click here).

Local tech instructor & dive guide Nina Preisner broke the women's Deepest Wreck Dive on Open Circuit Scuba record on the wreck of the Jolanda on 1st May 2007.

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